He should have stayed in prison . . .

. . . rather than be shot by his partner in crime.

James Robert Young Jr., 41, of Macon, had been out on parole for less than 10 months when he was fatally wounded after breaking into a woman’s home at 152 Bradstone Circle.

. . .

Young was trying to carry out a big screen TV and dropped it when the woman yelled at the men and they started to run.

The other man fired a gun back toward the house and hit Young, Davis said.

“I’d much rather see one burglar shoot another burglar than an innocent homeowner,” Davis said.

Young died in the threshold of the woman’s front door, Bibb County Chief Coroner Leon Jones said.

The shooter is still on the run.

. . .

Young has been incarcerated at least five times in Georgia prisons for crimes committed in Bibb County, according to the Department of Corrections website.

There’s more at the link.

I’m just waiting for cries from his family and friends of “But he was putting his life back together!” and “He dindu nuffin!”  Despite them, I daresay the taxpayers of Bibb County and Georgia owe a collective vote of thanks to the shooter, for saving them the expense of yet more time behind bars for the late Mr. Young.



  1. "I don't have to be faster than the pissed-off homeowner, I just have to be faster than you!" *blam*

  2. And the innocent dindu was about to finish his double major in physics and theology. Oh the humanity!!

  3. I have mixed emotions. I'm glad he won't offend anymore, but I also know what waits for such people on the other side. When I realize what the result is from being cut off from God for eternity, I cringe.

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