1. It dates back to the days before near universal electric light. An argument can be made that it served a legitimate purpose then. Now, it's just 'the way things are' and another example of arbitrary government power.

    OTOH, it IS a reminder that everything about the measurement of time is a completely arbitrary human artifact. That's probably worth SOMETHING.

  2. Only a dumb white man would let a red man do his math for him.

    You boys realize the amount of daylight varies during the year, right? And that electric power costs money too, right? HAR HAR HAR!

    I like it. An extra hour of sleep in the fall, and out of the sack bright and early in the spring – what's not to like?

  3. This one of the primary reasons I now live in Arizona. I detest the clock nonsense!!!!! If golf is that important to you, go to work earlier in the summer or fall out of bed before day-light, play a round or two as the sun comes up. But leave me alone!

  4. I think the schools who bus so many of their students all over the place like it since the kids don't have to be in the dark waiting for their bus … And I personally like having the "extra" daylight at the end of the days in summer, since I can get more things done after work like going for a bike ride, or to the range.

    I do remember that the Aggie farmers in Texas were all worried when DST was first started that the extra hour of sunshine would burn up their crops! 🙂

  5. Like Judy, I live in AZ. The only folks in AZ who observe DST are …

    The Navajo Reservation.

    (more than meets the eye …)
    (five pages of street signs later)

  6. I've always been of the opinion that despite the arguments put forth about electricity savings, war production etc, DST amounted to a bunch of politicians sitting around in whatever elitist club they all frequented in DC one night drinking when one of them said "hey hey hey! I've got it! Let's (expletive redacted) with the clocks! We'll have all the rubes running around their houses resetting their clocks twice a year! It'll be hilarious and show them who their betters are. WE WILL CONTROL TIME ITSELF!".

  7. When I was an undergraduate, there was a chap in my dormitory who was a practical-joker, to the extent that even the least-culturally-aware of the fresh-off-the-boat foreign students were wary of him.

    The morning before autumn time change, we would send him to knock on the doors of all the new foreign students to tell them about it.

    Thus, every person who mentioned D.S.T. to them subsequently was pegged by the newcomers as "in on the joke", and by golly they weren't going to be fooled again by Danny and his schemes!

  8. Only a gummint bureaucrat would cut 2 inches from the top of the blanket, sew it to the bottom, and think he had a longer b l an let.

    There! I fixed it.

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