As most readers are aware, Miss D. and I are recovering from a nasty bout of COVID-19.  I had a more severe case of it than she did, but I’m bouncing back faster, for some unknown reason.  She’s battling severe fatigue, and isn’t happy about it at all.

A few days ago she went to visit a friend who’s just had another baby, and while there complained about how we’re all treating her as a very delicate specimen.  Their two-year-old decided (or was inspired) to drive home the point, to my great amusement.  Click over to Miss D.’s blog to read what happened.



  1. Get well soon.

    When I had it January 2020 (before it was cool) – my daughter's in-laws brought it back from their visit to China – I was sick for about 3 weeks total. One week, I was quite ill. The other two were stages of recovery. Of course, then I thought that it was the flu.

    It's not pleasant, but I never thought that I was going to die, either.

  2. boost her iron levels. covid knocks the iron off the hemmoglobin resulting in "tired, iron poor blood" and it takes a while to get back to normal. also get her in the sun to boost her vitimin D, which affecrts your energy(probably why you recovered sooner, more sun exposure)

  3. Sunlight, walks, reasonable nutritious meals, no booze, and sleep. an 81 MG aspirin might not be a bad idea also. Most of the lingering Covid stuff is due to pulmonary damage. Walking is a good way to boost respiratory function. Blood clots are a lingering problem, exacerbated by fatigue, so aspirin. Sunlight to boost vitamin D and nitric oxide, and also elevate mood. It takes time, 2-6 months or so.

  4. Taking a Vit D supplement might be a good ideal. Read a report that no one who caught the wuflu had elevated Vit D levels, they were all low. Might not be connected, but certainly suggestive.

  5. Reduce/eliminate the viral load: (equine) ivermectin (amazon, ebay, etc.) safe at even 10x the recommended dose, daily until better, taper to 2x/week & then 1/x week. N-acetdyl-cysteine works anti-inflammatory pathways, cortisteroid indications of suppressed inflammation are seen with this compound.

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