1. One outfit I was in had a 2LT who was a recent graduate from Michigan State and a product of their ROTC program. He was a nice guy so we took pity on him and helped him get his C Ration cans open. He was a long time figuring out the P-38.

  2. @John

    Jerry Pournelle sad just that and then admitted he had one of the 2LTs with a map at one time.


    Hard to believe he'd never seen a P-38 before he was commissioned. I saw them as a kid in the 7th grade, although I was an Air Force brat and I was many times the envy of my classmates when I brought Cs for lunch.

  3. Second Lieutenants with maps and compasses are a menace, but if you want real danger, you need a field grade who has just been visited by The Good Idea Fairy ™.

    Or, worse yet, a Warrant Officer who has decided to revisit the days of his misspent youth, and do something "the old way"…

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