1. One of these centuries I shall be allowed in GAB. I do swear you have to wait less at the DMV or Vet Admisnitration

  2. @Miguel and Bob: I'm sorry it's taking so long. Gab has almost 100,000 registered users already, and a waiting list of well over 1 million, as far as I know. It's staffed entirely by volunteers at this point, and is self-funded by its founders and donations from members. Under the circumstances, it can't yet afford to hire staff to perform administrative functions like speed up the processing of membership applications.

    I'll talk to some people, and see if I can find out whether there are plans to move things along faster. Meanwhile, as an 'early adopter', I can assure you, it's worth the wait!

  3. That's odd with Gab. I got in almost as soon as I applied, and the waiting list was supposed to be long even then. This wa several weeks ago, though.

    1. Gab is great. I'm in the 'maybe I should learn to program so I can get an app for it on my phone' point right now.

  4. 'Disaster" is mild.

    From an old 'Name Game' post on my blog:

    "Ryan & Kimberly M. feed the dog a Scrabble set and two days later have a name for their daughter, little Seirrah Ryanne."


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