He’s not kidding

From “Pearls Before Swine” yesterday (click the image to be taken to a larger version at the comic’s Web site):

Our local Sams Club hasn’t had toilet paper in stock for over two weeks now. Fortunately, that doesn’t worry Miss D. or I – we had our usual stock of the stuff, and it’s holding out well without needing to “panic buy” more.



  1. Out Walmart here in Plano is pretty much back to normal. Only a couple brands missing. But still ZERO Clorox wipes of any brand or style.

  2. The BJ's in Willimatic, Kommiecticut was fully stocked with all manner of paper goods when I was there a week ago.

  3. No problems here in Northern Colorado. My wife tells me she read where Costco is going to REFUSE to accept toilet paper returns.

    Good for them, if it's true!

  4. We went to the local Wally World the day. While the TP isle wasn't full, there was adequate stock. We didn't buy any since our stock at home is adequate as well.

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