Highly strung?

A video clip has been doing the rounds of a few vehicles in Xingtai, China, appearing to suddenly ‘levitate’ off the ground, spin around and fall to the ground.

Turns out there’s a rational explanation.  The Telegraph reports:

It may sound like something out of Star Wars, but if you look very closely at the video, you can just about make out what actually happened.

Just before the first minibus rises into the air, you can see a faint black line to the left of the screen, which police believe was a cable or thick wire.

It appears that a cable became tangled in a street cleaner that is seen to the right of the screen, which essentially tripped up the vehicles, lifting them into the air.

Fortunately, no-one was injured in the incident.

There’s more at the link.

Hmm . . . from ‘Top Gear’ to ‘High Wire’!



  1. This sort of thing brings to mind what some anti-motorcycle idiot attempted on one of the roads that climb the hills between the SF Bay Area and the coast, back around 1980. A cable was strung across the roadway between trees, at neck height for a biker. Fortunately, a patrol car was the first vehicle to encounter it. It took the lightbar off the roof.

    I never heard if the culprit was found. They may have made an attempt to keep that quiet, though, since his life expectancy may have suffered a bit, if it became public.

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