Highway to . . . well, Heaven or Hell, I guess!

A couple of years ago I wrote about an English pastor who’d converted a Triumph Rocket III motorcycle into the world’s fastest hearse.  It seems his efforts have been outdone.  A recent comment on that post informed me that someone’s taken a Suzuki Hayabusa (the world’s fastest production motorcycle) and attached a hearse in sidecar fashion.

How fast does it go?

OK, that’s fast!



  1. Somehow I don't feel like getting buried to "Highway to Hell."

    "Another One Bites the Dust," maybe… 😛

  2. On Jamboree in Orange County this last week a Lexus with four young guys missed a curb and plowed into a tree – at 100 mph. It was hard to figure out who was who and what had the wheels. The sidecar for one would probably have been able to cart the pieces in one trip.
    Can you imagine how those parents feel?

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