‘How our world would look if you were a bird’

That’s the title of a photo essay at Pixtale.net.  The introduction notes:

Famous landmarks like the Arc Du Triumph, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Sagrada Familia have been photographed countless times by photographers from around the world, and they are recognizable to most, if not all, of us. But this collection of stunning aerial photographs gives us a bird’s-eye-view of these places, casting them in a totally new light.

Most of the pictures are of places or things that most of us could easily identify right away. The images illustrate just how much a change in perspective can alter. It’s also worth noting that a few of these sites, like the Pyramids of Giza and the hotels in Dubai, were designed with an aerial perspective in mind. The designs of certain Dubai hotels can only be appreciated fully from above, and some theorize that the Pyramids of Giza were meant to be aligned with the stars in Orion’s Belt.

There’s more at the link.

Here are just three of the pictures to whet your appetite, greatly reduced in size to fit this blog.

Niagara Falls, US/Canada border

Bern, Switzerland

Bac Son Valley, Vietnam

The small size of the images reproduced here can’t possibly do them justice.  Click over to the article to see much larger versions.


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