1. "Playtime for El Toro." Looks like the bull is having fun, at least.

    Too bad a few can't visit the Democrat convention this summer; I think they've already been to the Republican one based on what I see all over the RNC's floor…..

  2. Minor nitpick: Unless the Azores islands belong to Spain now, that is Portuguese people.

    Not that we have not our share of stupid people, however…

  3. Just to add to what JL Domingo said, the description on YouTube says that it's video from bullfights on the islands of Terceira and São Miguel in the Azores.

  4. Those controlling the rope attached to the bull don't seem to good at holding it back when needed. Oopsie.

  5. Don't know about anybody else, but I thoroughly enjoyed all that, seeing stupid in full bloom. Quite a few of the fools that got hammered were pot-bellied old men (like me) that should certainly know better. But… stupid is as stupid does.

    Still fun to watch tho.

  6. Gotta be some deaders from that episode. One scene showed blood on the bulls horn. That had to leave a mark.

  7. Looks like an awful lot of fun… and pain. A layer of padding, chain armour, and plate in a few strategic places, and I'd be down for being tossed around like a rag doll by a few tonnes of mildly peeved muscle.

    That rope though, what is that supposed to be for? You're not going to stop a bull just by tugging on a bit of string. Seems it did more harm than good in a lot of cases where it did anything, causing people (and bulls) to get tangled in it, and causing people to be attached to a bull that really doesn't want them near it.

  8. Ernest Hemingway have to answered for this. It's his story that brought world's attention to this annual festival and all of the idiots from the rest of the world that want to check that off their bucket list.

  9. You have to wonder…who's the first person who said "I know, why don't we go harass half-a-ton of angry pot roast? It'll be great!

  10. Most, if not all, of those bulls had their horns shaved down to a dull point. It's why you didn't see much bloodshed in all of those videos. In the professional bullring the horns are supposed to be intact, but often aren't. Bullfighting is very nearly as corrupt a sport as boxing.

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