I bet Alaska’s longing for some ‘global warming’!

I note with some amusement that Anchorage, Alaska is within a few inches of breaking the all-time record for snowfall in any one winter. The existing record, set in 1954-55, is 132.8 inches. This winter’s total stands at 126.7 inches as of this evening, according to station KTUU in Anchorage. Another 6.2″ and they’ll break the record . . . and given that snow falls in Alaska well into April, I don’t doubt they’ll pass the old mark by a considerable margin this year.

Right now, I reckon, if you guarantee to cause enough pollution to speed up ‘global warming’ by a factor of 10, there are people in Alaska who’ll pay you to do so – and they wouldn’t care a fig for the EPA!



  1. Strange how weather works.
    You heat up the southern latitudes causing increased precipitation in the northern latitudes. Simple, yet so very hard for the right to understand, as they sooo much disdain a thing called higher education…

  2. Except that the southern latitudes aren't warming – not according to historical records, anyway, when those records are read correctly and not fed into biased, selective models. Witness the infamous 'hockey stick' graph. Enough said.

  3. Now that it's this close, we're anxious to break the old record – but none of us have forgotten what a mess breakup will be. Nor how long it will be before summer starts (mid-June, due to the ground being so cold/frozen).

    Deep snow now, flooded parking lots & swamped intersection in May … sigh.

  4. I did not mean south of the equator.
    Thermodynamics 101, you cannot get extremes without extremes. The precipitation did not magically appear without heat and convection to the south driving it.

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