I hope he bought a lottery ticket . . .

Two readers in Europe sent me a link to this series of photographs of a traffic accident.  I’ve cropped some of them to display here – full-size images are at the link.

That’s the remains of a Volkswagen Golf compact car.  According to the German text beneath the picture, the owner was driving home after visiting his girlfriend when he lost control and hit a tree – clearly at very high speed.

The amazing thing is, he got out and walked away with only minor injuries!  He was able to walk over half-a-mile to a nearby village to seek help.  I have no idea how he got away with that . . . apart from Divine intervention, of course.

Looking at that heap of scrap metal, I hope he bought a lottery ticket.  With survivor’s luck like that, he can’t lose!



  1. Sounds like divine intervention by way of absurd luck and VW's safety features.

    Modern car wrecks always look like a mess, but it's nice to know that in an emergency your car will sacrifice itself to save you.

    It'd be nice if they weren't so quick to commit sudoku in minor fender-benders, though.

  2. When a tree gets to a size that you have trouble touching hands when you wrap your arms around it, it usually survives car impacts. BTDT.

  3. What Quentin said, plus 'drunk' usually very drunk, to the boneless stage. My Dad, who was in emergency medicine for thirty years, has some amazing stories about people who just walked away, and it was almost always because they were drunk enough to not resist impact.

  4. "So drunk that when he fell off he hit like a dishrag", is the way I heard it put when I was a boy, Cedar, about a man whom my father did roofing work with when himself a lad. To my dad's marvel, the fellow would be back up the ladder shortly after toppling off, and back to work. So the foreman passed on that bit of wisdom. I've known a couple of people who have that to thank for their lives.

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