I’d never have thought of doing that!

El Capitan brings us these images of an RV that had an argument with a tree – and lost.

The owner decided to make the best of it . . . and converted it into, of all things, a flatbed truck!

There are more images at the link.

El Capitan is annoyed because he can’t afford to go out to Utah, buy it, and drive it back.  Personally, I wouldn’t have thought an RV frame/chassis/suspension could stand the stresses that a typical flatbed load would exert, but what do I know?



  1. Heck, just bolt down a camper trailer on the back and you even have room enough for a kayak – small boat and motorcycle. A lot of goodness right there.

  2. Most Motorhomes start with a truck chassis. Some bought from the maker, some bought and modified, some scratch built. Other designs have been tried.

  3. Depends on the motor home, but like Will said, an awful lot of them, these days, are built off of a truck chassis to begin with. So it might just do fine!

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