If not Mormon, are they now Less-Mon?

I can understand the call by President Nelson for his denomination to use the name given to it by its founder, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”, rather than the appellation “Mormon” that has become widespread.  The latter has taken on a certain negativity, particularly in liberal political circles, and the longer, more neutral original name of the church will hopefully get away from that.

I can’t help poking fun at my many LDS friends, though.  If they’re not Mormons any more, should they now be considered Less-Mons?



  1. Folks, you may not agree with this, or that, or the other religious faith or denomination, but please don't reject it and/or its followers here. Other people have the right to freedom of religion, just as you do, and the fact that their beliefs may differ from yours is no reason to be disrespectful to them.

  2. Carrying your pun one step further, Peter, how is it that the disciples of Joseph Smith did not come to be called "MorWomons"?

  3. Also –

    Is it now to be referred to – either exclusively, or at least by-default – as the "Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Tabernacle" – and, accordingly, as the "Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Tabernacle Choir"?…

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  4. The thing is, there are several denominations that claim that name. The Reformed LDS Church (known as "Rolaids" to its members; I've known a few), the "Temple Lot" church, the various groups that retained polygamy such as the FLDS, and others.

  5. This effort to deemphasize "Mormon" is a semi-regular occurrence. Sure, I'll make the effort to accede to Pres. Nelson's request and will actually need to make few if any changes in formal contexts. The problem is that the name is too long for informal usage and, even if used, you'll end up using Mormon to clarify to the listener who and what you're talking about.

  6. Oh, come on, you have to admit that Jesus piloting a submarine full of Jews to America so they could become the very first Native Americans is kind of funny.

  7. Some of their beliefs are a little funny (totally insane in this modern age), but they generally seem to achieve good results: good, trustworthy, honest, hard working, respectful people.

  8. Got nothing against Mormons or LDS, used to spend summers with a great aunt in Ogden, and have several LDS relatives.
    Admire and respect some of their principles such as strong community while striving for self sufficiency. They are IMHO the original preppers after all.
    I do have serious issues with an entirely different faith which masquerades as a religion while in actual fact is a political system bent on world domination.
    I will leave it to the students to speculate as to which sect I'm referring to.

  9. Uncle Lar: If you have LDS relatives in Ogden, I suspect we are related. My Dad's family settled in the Ogden area back in the 1860's. Dad used to say throw a dart at the Ogden phone book and the odds are better than 50% that we were related. No I'm not a Mormon, yes I will occasionally tweek Mormon friends about their religion, but only ones I know well and don't take themselves all that seriously. And I have never heard about any LDS organizations planning to bomb Times Square.

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