If you build it, they will come . . .

. . . although that old saying may be a little near the bone in this case.

A trio of French students has invented boxer shorts that protect testicles from over 99 percent of the rays from smartphones.

“Duoo Hopeful” offers men’s boxer shorts that are scientifically proven to keep almost all the phone rays away from the testicles.

And while it’s unproven that the electromagnetic fields from mobile phones are dangerous (the International Agency for Research on Cancer says they’re “possibly carcinogenic”), these French inventors argue that there’s no point risking it.

“We got the idea in school when we saw a study about how electromagnetic waves from smartphones are a danger for men’s fertility rates,” Antoine Serouille, one of the three inventors, told The Local.

“So we thought about creating a special pocket for a phone, but that just cut out the connectivity, so we switch to protective underwear instead.

“We wanted people to be connected and protected at all times.”

. . .

The young entrepreneurs have secured €300,000 in investment through crowd-funding and are producing another 11,000 pairs of the underwear.

There’s more at the link.

I think a lot of people, male and female, would agree that underwear can get in the way of connectivity . . . but I don’t think they’d mean it quite like this!



  1. Ahh, for a minute there, I thought the underwear was designed to prevent damage from 'testicular collisions'. The text says otherwise – thanks for the link to article.

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