If you like honey, you’re going to LOVE this!

A long-time online acquaintance recently began his own business – Killer Bees Honey.  Here’s how he describes it.

… my wife and I migrated through the urban landscapes of Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago before settling at the summit of a mountain in the Smokies.

Except for the constant hum of millions of hard-working bees, we enjoy a quiet life. We gladly share our woods with wild turkey, deer, coyote, fox, bobcat and a noisy pileated woodpecker. Black bears occasion by. That’s when our Killer Bees put their inner scutellata to good use.

Our Killer Bees have a fascinating and varied genealogy. I wish I could translate the Queens’ ancient humming and eavesdrop on the stories passed from hive to hive. Sadly, I am as deaf to their song as I was to the Yiddish curses that colored my mother’s speech when I was young.

There’s more at the link.  They take great pride in their wholly natural honey, gathered from natural forest lands untainted by pesticides or fertilizers.  (Of course, living in the wild as they do, there are other hazards after their honey . . . four-legged ones!)

If this sounds like an advertisement, I suppose in a way it is – but I’m not being compensated for it in any shape or form.  As I said, the owner’s a long-standing online buddy, so I want to help him get established.  What are friends for, if not to help other friends?

When I heard about his new business – his Web site went live just last week – I went to his online shop and ordered a bunch of his products, partly to support a friend, partly because Miss D. and I really like good honey.  (Yes, I paid for all of them with my own money.)  The box arrived this morning, and . . . oh, my.  Oh, my, my.  Their Wildflower and Sourwood Big Red honeys are very nice indeed, but their Sourwood Amber honey is to die for!  It’s probably the tastiest bottle of honey I’ve ever opened.  I couldn’t help a moan of pleasure as I sampled it.  I think I’ve found a new favorite.  I also ordered the Citrus Holiday Gift Basket, with assorted skin care products containing honey.  The smells are wonderful, and we’re looking forward to sampling them with our next bath or shower.

Finally, I couldn’t resist getting one of these for Miss D.  Somehow, I suspect she won’t be wearing it to work!

If you’re looking for some really good honey and related products, I highly recommend Killer Bees Honey – and, no, they won’t give me any free product for recommending them, so relax, FTC!  I’m just glad to help a friend.



  1. I love honey and I love supporting "local" family businesses. Double hit. I will have to see if we can get a couple of bottle shipped.

  2. Local honeys are the way to go–I haven't bought it a store in years. Here in Sacramento the hands-down winner is Orange Blossom honey! In fact, if you and your wife would like some, let me know.


  3. @Antibubba: We'd love some! Drop me a line (my e-mail address is in my blog profile), and we'll see what we can arrange. Thanks!

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