If you love your car, don’t watch this . . .

. . . because it (or something like it) will probably eat your car one day!

There’s more information here about the Red Giant series of metal shredders (and several more video clips).

I wonder what type of steel those rotating teeth are made of?  They certainly make car bodies and engine blocks look weak by comparison.  Will any better-informed readers please tell us more in Comments?



  1. They're really more like hammers than blades. They don't so much slice something apart, but rather pound and tear it into smaller pieces.

    The cast iron in the engine blocks gets battered into chunks, while the sheet metal of the car body just gets ripped apart, rather than sliced.

  2. It's a twin shaft rotary shear shredder, probably with hydraulic drive so it can quickly reverse if it jams.

    Looks to me like the engines and trannys are removed first, as shear shredders don't perform well on extremely hard, tough materials.

    Normally, car shredders are high speed rotary hammer mills, per drjim's comment.

    The SSI website includes a VW bug being shredded but probably without the engine/transaxle.


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