I’m glad I wasn’t aboard

Winter storm Angus rolled across the UK and Europe late last month, bringing with it high winds, heavy rain, and disruption to air and maritime traffic.  Here are two videos of pretty hairy crosswind landings during and after the storm.

First, from Schipol Airport in the Netherlands, here’s an Airbus A320 that nearly had a whoopsie on touchdown.

Next, from Prague in the Czech Republic, a Boeing 737 has a similar oops-a-daisy.

I’m glad I wasn’t aboard either of them!  Constipation-curing moments, indeed.



  1. They decommissioned Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong (where there was a 10 story building right at the end of the runway that the airport official was never able to demolished), so this kind of landing pattern don't occur anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtnL4KYVtDE

    The Kai Tak approach is one of the more ludicrous one in civilian aviation. They build the newer airport in reclaim land just to get away from all of the buildings.

  2. Just think: those guys all have a lot of experience. You need a lot of hours to become a captain on those planes. True that 737/A320 captains are generally not as experienced as the bigger plane pilots, but they're still way more experienced that your average small plane driver.

    If they can't make it look easy, no one can.

  3. I've seen the same, or similar, landing from a slightly different angle, and the left wingtip hits the ground. Couple months ago. Same roll from close to striking the right, to tapping the left. I don't see the spray from that wingtip, so possibly not the same flight.

  4. I love seeing a go-around when conditions indicate such. Give me a pilot who knows the limitations of both him/herself and that of the aircraft. Save the show off stuff for some other time, preferably without airframe, crew, and passengers. Do it with hands and models.

    Maybe I'm still sensitized/pissed after reading "Warnings Unheeded" a couple of weeks ago.

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