I’m glad they weren’t doing this with my truck . . .

I’ve no idea where this was, except that the shouting sounds vaguely like South-East Asia, possibly the Philippines or Thailand.  The driver seemed to take things in his stride, but if I’d been the truck’s owner, I’d likely have had a heart attack on the spot!

I don’t know how much they pay him, but it’s probably not enough . . .



  1. Damn. Well, cargo carried on deck or damaged while loading by shoreside-owned stevedoring equipment is 'at shipper's risk.' Still, I'd be pretty peeved if my Hi-Lux took a dunk.

  2. They're speaking Portuguese. I can't identify the accent exactly, but maybe Northeastern Brazil? The accent is too strong and there's too much slang for me to understand much except for the beginning where he says, "Esse cara é louco" ("This guy is crazy").

  3. Idiots. Why did they not winch the ship closer to the dock and shorten the span? Those boards were very close to breaking.

  4. How did that truck get perpendicular to the pier and lined up on the boards in the first place? That looks difficult. Next, what kind of wood was in those boards? I need some.

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