I’m not a fan

I was more than a little mind-boggled to learn that Alien Gear plans to introduce an inside-the-waistband holster with a fan in it.

I can only assume this is some sort of advertising gimmick.  For a start, the fan couldn’t push cooling air through the holes at the rear of the holster, because your body will block them!  It’ll just push air uselessly against your skin, then blow it out the top or bottom of the holster.

There’s also the question of security.  If you’re carrying inside-the-waistband, presumably covering the gun with an outer garment, you don’t want it to be noticed.  However, if there’s the constant whine of a fan coming from your holster . . . doesn’t that defeat the object of the exercise?

On the other hand, taking up a ‘bladed’ stance with your firearm now takes on a whole new meaning – and I suppose it makes it easier to plead self-de-fan-se . . .



  1. Bob said…

    Alien Gear must own some Eveready Battery stock.

    Hmmm… somehow the photo didn't show the linkage that connects the geartrain to your thigh.

  2. Has anyone seen this thing in person before they reviewed it?
    Sort of like reviewing books without reading them.


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