I’m not sure how many men still wear ties . . .

. . . but for those who do, here’s 30 ways to knot them.  For example:


This awesome work of tie artistry is shaped in the form of a fishbone, hence the name. It’s a remarkable formal knot that is increasingly gaining respect. While somewhat challenging to tie, it’s definitely worth the effort, because it never fails to make the ultimate impression.

(Click the image for a larger view)

There are 29 more ways to knot your tie at the link.

I could have used that information during my secular career.  Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, ties were de rigeur for business attire in South Africa.  Nowadays I hardly ever wear them.



  1. I tried a couple of fancy knots back when I had to wear a tie every day. Invariably, they used too much tie.

    I'd rather have a slim knot with the ends, or at least the end of the big one, fairly near my belt buckle.

    I swear the people who think this stuff up not only have too much time on their hands, but don't have to wear their creations.

  2. Aaaah… I randomly started wearing a tie in high school, and continued through college and the first decade or so of my career.
    Then other people started showing up at work in ties, so I figured it was time to stop.
    I still have a bunch of ties, but they tend to clash with my Hawaiian shirts. Maybe I should wear a plain white tie with the colorful shirt?
    In the event of needing to wear a tie again for some reason, I think I'll stick with a simple knot that doesn't take a big chunk out of my morning.

  3. I do not wear a noose around my neck unless forced to do so. A guy attempted to mug me once by grabbing my tie while pulling a knife with the other hand. He got my clip-on instead of my wallet, and from that point on I have stayed tie-less (my wife did manage to get me to wear one for our wedding, but not the reception).

  4. Dad Red shifted from ties (worn rarely) to cravats and waistcoats not unlike a Mississippi River riverboat gambler. Mom Red looks at it as a compromise.


  5. This might be why ties always seemed to be way too long when I bought them. I could have used some of these to suck up that extra materiel.

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