In vino, veritas

For those who don’t know the saying, it’s a Latin idiom dating back to the Roman Empire meaning “In wine there is truth”.

A photographer in London set out to show what wine does to his friends by photographing them at various stages during an evening:  before they began to drink, then after 1, then 2 and finally after 3 glasses of wine.  The results are often hilarious.  Here’s just one example.

There are many more photographs at the link. I don’t know what I look like after a few glasses of wine, but I hope it’s better than that!



  1. Wine is very sneaky for the uninitiated. Tastes like strong grape juice, fooling you into 'this isn't going to hurt me'. A few glasses of it will find you very unsteady – time to get to bed and deal with the room spinning off its axis. Wife has had a few lessons in that before she stopped drinking it – moderation and a few sips is all you need to relax.

  2. I am so glad that I have ably demonstrated my ability to do and say outrageous things while NOT under the influence.


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