It’s been a busy day

We bought Miss D. a new-to-her used car yesterday, and spent the morning getting it emissions-tested, registered and licensed, as well as running other errands.  This evening we went for a walk ahead of the oncoming storm front.  Both of us have suffered injuries that act as internal barometers for atmospheric pressure changes, so it was painful, but a relief to get moving for a bit.  We met a little kitten on the way, who reminded us very much of our own recently-acquired cat.  She played happily with us, ran halfway up a tree, chased her own shadow . . . very kittenish, and a lot of fun.

My latest book is performing very differently from my first two SF novels.  Sales are much slower than I’m used to, but steady, and I suspect I’ll see more of them when the first reviews begin appearing on Amazon.  The genres in which this book has been published – criminology and memoir, both non-fiction – are much slower-moving than novels.  Even at the slow pace of sales, I’m well up in the top 20 best-sellers in criminology, in both e-book and print sales.  In memoir, I’m much lower down in the e-book rankings, and I don’t feature at all in print yet – but it’s early days.

I’ll put up more posts tomorrow morning.  To keep you going until then, here’s a video clip that confuses me somewhat.  See what you think.

The man dribbles a small ball into the path of a car, deliberately obstructing traffic;  then he gets hit on the head by a traffic pole, but it can’t possibly hurt him as badly as he’s making it out to be (I’ve been hit by those poles myself, and they’re more of a tap than a blow).  I think he’s playing for sympathy, or perhaps planning a lawsuit.  After lying there, apparently deliberately, it seems the driver of the car also thinks he’s faking it, loses patience with him, and runs over him.  As far as I’m concerned, he asked for it all . . . but then, I can be hard-hearted with idiots.  What do you think?



  1. The driver was concerned about the guy…notice how quickly he forgot about the knock on the head after he was run over? Did him a favor it seems to me…

  2. I'll be purchasing your new book as soon as the @*!!%@ bank sends me my new debit card. (The old number got stolen, and we had it deactivated.)

  3. Maybe the 'victim' is a wannabe soccer player, any little boo-boo and they go down as though they've been shot. I hope the idiot learned his lesson.


  4. I'm starting reading tonight. Just finished "On Killing".

    And to the video: Mama always said stupid is as stupid does.

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