It’s simple, really . . .

I visit the Telegraph’s Web site on a regular basis, and I’ve quoted from many of its articles here. During my reading there today, I came across a link to a 2010 report that a Google Street View camera in Germany had captured a picture of a naked man climbing into the trunk of his car. The Telegraph reported at the time:

The baffling picture shows a nude man in the boot of a Mercedes which is parked on the driveway of a house in Mannheim, south-west Germany.

A dog lies nearby surrounded by the contents of the sports car’s boot.

The image has prompted a rash of internet speculation over what activity the man could be involved in.

One Internet user told the CNET website he thought it was just ”an illusion” with the man wearing tight skin-coloured shorts while fixing his brake light.

There’s more at the link.

I was able to figure out what he was doing right away. Being nude like that, and situated where he was, he could only have been inspecting ‘the junk in the trunk’!



  1. So, is the dog dead?
    And you have to tear that much of the car up to change a break light?
    What dumb educated idiot came up with that stupid idea?

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