I’ve had days like that…


From Stephan Pastis, a couple of days ago.  Click the image to be taken to a larger view at the cartoon’s Web page.

Some days they can just give me the entire carafe – and for Old NFO, whose taste for “real Navy coffee” is legendary, they can give him the urn!



  1. The days of Navy coffee are long in my past.
    The coffee grounds procured by the lowest bidder, and then kept in the supply system for a very long time, the antique coffee pot with its thick brown coating of sludge lining the interior, and the water from shipboard storage tanks laced with a heavy dose of chlorine or bromine.
    What's not to love! 🙂

  2. I showed this to my beloved and he said, "You could be that mouse. In fact, they would just deliver your coffee in one of the big f**king chemical tanker trucks."

  3. When I was sent to my first ship, I ended up doing my first tour of "cranking" (loaned to the mess decks to help with working in the galley, cleaning, moving stores, etc…) The very FIRST THING I was taught about the coffee pot, was that under no circumstances should the coffee maker EVER be empty of coffee. I asked if that excluded when we were cleaning it in between pots of coffee, and was looked like I had shifted to speaking in tongues. "Clean … the … coffee … pots??? No, that never happens. When the level of coffee runs low, dump out the old grounds, add fresh, open the valve to refill the reservoir with fresh water, and start a new batch of coffee. There is a line engraved next to the sight glass to let you know when there is enough room to accept a full brew cycle."
    Navy coffee is almost homeopathic in nature, no matter how long it has been since the first pot was brewed, there will be some small, mathematically insignificant trace of every previous batch brewed in every sip from the coffee maker.

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