John Waters explains what’s about to happen in Europe


In two long and thought-provoking articles, John Waters gives us his understanding of what’s going on in Europe and Africa right now, and how the latter is about to explode over Europe in a wave of desperate migration invasion that’s going to swamp the Old World altogether.  They’re unpleasant reading, but I think – knowing Africa and the Third World as I do – there’s a lot of truth in them.

To whet your appetite, here are a couple of short excerpts.  From the first article:

Within months, or even weeks, in response to the escalating food shortages and hyperinflation now coursing through the world economy in the manner of flash flooding, new waves of immigrants will begin to arrive in Europe from Africa, the Middle East, and other places, as people voyage forth in search of food, imagining that they will find it more easily in Paris or London or Dublin. In truth, parts of Europe will be more or less as desperate as any of the places these people have evacuated, because the already scheduled consequences of the disastrous lockdown policies of 2020 will be augmented by the effects of the catastrophic sanctioning of Russia in the context of the Ukraine war. These migrants, therefore — who will arrive in numbers far exceeding the influx of 2015 — will find themselves in a situation at best little better than that which they have left behind. The results are likely to include the radical destabilisation of European societies already in disarray due to the self-imposed difficulties arising from diminishing supplies of food and fuel. These circumstances are likely to provoke widespread outbreaks of social unrest and conflict throughout Europe, leading to the breakdown of the social order in many countries, which is likely to be met by the imposition of martial law.

. . .

All this is planned. It will not be an unforeseen, happenstance outcome of random events. Social chaos is baked into the cake of Covid disruption and tyranny … This will be the denouement of a process that has been nurtured for many decades, with the precise intent of looting the homelands of all concerned. This two-part article is an attempt to describe the events and conditions that have taken us to this calamitous point.

And from the second article:

Although conventional wisdom in the West has it that the issue of mass migration out of Africa (and by extension other ‘developing’ countries — for which read ‘the undeveloping countries’) is one of absolute need on one side and a ‘duty’ to step up and deliver ‘compassion’ on the other, the reality, as we have seen, is rather different. The vast majority of migrants are not ‘the poorest of the poor’ of popular bleeding-heart spin, but the relatively better-off.  They are … the ones who have managed to up sticks and come to the West as a direct result of Western aid that was, nominally at least, intended to provide Africans with a jumpstart in their own countries, but is instead functioning to suck the most intelligent and creative human life out of Africa and deposit it in Paris, Dublin, Berlin and London.  The point of this has to do with neither the dreams and desires of the migrants nor — even less — the betterment of poorer countries, but is entirely about achieving certain outcomes in Western societies, the first among which is to drive down wages so as to make the world even more congenial to corporate interests. And there are other motives also, as we shall see.

I highly recommend that you click over to both articles and read them carefully.  They’re a harbinger of what’s coming to the USA as well, because migration – or, rather, invasion by illegal aliens – is a weapon that’s being turned against this country as well.  It’s likely to have similar consequences, unless we can shut it down before it’s too late.  We can be certain that the Biden administration and those behind it will do all in their power to stop us from doing that, by any and every means at their disposal.



  1. I suspect that should this occur, much of Europe will unleash their inner fascists and their militaries will get down to takin' care of business. But I'm a hopeless optimist.

  2. ^That, right there.

    Europe has always used Plan A for dealing with migrant invasions, and it involves boxcars and barbed wire in 100% of cases.

    Machineguns in severe ones.

    They won't fix a solution that ain't broke, but they may relocate the MGs to patrol boats in the Med, because sharks and crabs leave no evidence.

    Then they'll start rounding up the non-natives already present, and repatriating them forcibly, via conex container if necessary.

    It's Europe; it's what they do.

  3. With very few exceptions, 'corporate interests' are never the bad guy. They're the regular people with jobs.
    The enemy is the politician who pulls the strings. Exxon to Amazon, they can only do what they are allowed to do. We all know what happens to companies like Microsoft in the '90s and Juul today if they don't pay, and to the countless companies judged to be not 'woke' enough.
    Politicians and our own self-delusion have got us to the point of massive 'stupid taxes', i.e. corporate taxes. We all know that no company of any size pays any taxes; they get passed to the end user. Yet we continue to let pols get away with it.

    I just wanted to write this to point out that anyone who talks smack of 'corporate interests' is clueless.
    I guess my real point is that we are all willing to overlook the obvious.
    We aren't an intelligent species yet.

  4. The probability of a plot is inversely proportional to the number of people required to implement it. At a global scale, that probability drops to zero.

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