Sunday morning music

July 4th (for foreign readers, Independence Day in the USA) is imminent;  so, here’s some patriotic music for the occasion, to celebrate my adopted country.

She’s no longer so free as she once was, thanks to politicians and bureaucrats, but the USA is still, in my opinion, one of the finest countries in the world.  I’m grateful, glad and proud to be here.



  1. I beg to differ, it's first because the citizens have allowed the politicians and bureaucrats because of ignorance and indifference, apathy and agenda. And the United States is the best country. Does that mean I am blind to the greatness of other countries? No, but none are as great. I am of a mind that to say here that it is 'one of the best' is to say there (in the near future) that it is '…worse than', that it speaks of a measured descent of a bygone eminence.

    God bless America. Stars and Stripes Forever.

  2. Check out Ray Charles on YouTube singing American the Beautiful, starting with the second verse. Very powerful.

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