Jupiter, up close and personal

Here’s a fun video:  the sixth flypast of Jupiter by NASA’s Juno spacecraft, which it completed last month.  I don’t know why someone decided to include a creepy soundtrack with the video;  it’s more than compelling enough without it!  Oh, well – you can always mute the volume.  Watch it in full-screen mode for best results.

It’s hard to imagine that there are no solid features at all in what we’ve just seen.  Jupiter is a so-called ‘gas giant‘ planet, so its entire surface is just a swirling mass of gas (you should pardon the expression), no matter how solid it may appear to our eyes.



  1. The soundtrack is from 2001: A Space Odyssey; a movie in which the exploration spaceship Discovery is sent to Jupiter.

  2. …with some advice from Dali also maybe. Truly Amazing Tech. The Weird music on the Vid is one of the Tracks from 2001 A Space Odyssey-although looking at the fly by montage makes me want to want to watch the 2010 Leonov Aerobraking scene again.
    Then there's the sheer Scale of it- Earth would easily fit inside of any of the Larger storms in the photos.
    And soon the Final Photos from Galileo probe as it finishes its mission in Sept.
    Thank you NASA/JPL and the Nation Behind it!

  3. I forgot to ad that the Galileo mission is at Saturn. [ the one with the Rings…and the Plastic Body panels…:)]

  4. Actually the probe at Saturn is Cassini.
    The Galileo probe was the first extensive exploration of the Jupiter system. Among its many amazing accomplishments was the direct imaging of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9's impact into Jupiter. Launched in October 1989 the mission ended in September 2003.

  5. You Sir-are correct. Cassini and the Hyugens Lander to Titan.
    And those Photos are and will be Awesome indeed.

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