Lawdog at his finest . . .

I have a little collection of blog posts by (and, in some cases, about) a few of my friends.  A leading light among them is Lawdog, who also wrote the foreword to my memoir of prison chaplaincy, since he and I have come into contact with many similar critters over the years.

This one, describing the (mis)adventures of Joe Critter and a gang of unimpressed construction workers, made me laugh my ass off when I first read it almost seven years ago.  Whilst rearranging old bookmarks and clearing unwanted links, I found it again, and re-read it.  It again made me cackle until the tears came.

If you want a good laugh, go read it for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.  Lawdog’s on top form.



  1. Matched only by his, also construction themed, story of the critter who grabbed a piece of the server at a drive in.

  2. Next time you see LawDog, tell him that we miss him. I click on his site about once a week in the vain hope that he might have come back again (like he did for a short while).

    We need him to remind us that there is hope out there that the "other side" is not winning.

    stay safe.

  3. The LawDog is the whole reason I got interested in blogs, gun-blogs, and gun rights.

    I followed a link on TVTropes to the story about the Zippo lighter, laughed, and fell in love with his mastery of the language. That lead to me reading his whole archive, then following his sidebar to other blogs. That's how I found Tam. That's how I found Sebastian. That's how I found you.

    I check his blog weekly nowadays. Always hoping that he'll take up blogging again, or announce his memoirs.

  4. Sib hooked me on the LawDog with "Squeaks the Mongoose." I laughed so hard I hurt the next day.


  5. Lawdog's absolute greatest has to be the one about the SAS Gecko.

    Altitude: Check
    Crosswind: Check
    DZ. No go.

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