Lessons learned from my latest trilogy

Over at Mad Genius Club, I’ve written a fairly long article outlining some of the lessons learned (so far) from the publication of my latest trilogy, “Cochrane’s Company“, at approximately 30-day intervals.

The article is oriented towards writers more than readers, but if the subject interests you, click over there to get a feel for the state of the independent author market today.

While on the subject of the trilogy, may I once again ask those of you who’ve read it to please leave a review of each book on Amazon.com?  Reviews are the life-blood of independent authors, as we don’t have the marketing and advertising resources of big publishers.  We rely on word of mouth to help sell our books.  I’ll be very grateful if you’ll please take a few minutes to leave reviews of the three books.




  1. Started number 3 of Cochrane yesterday. With great satisfaction. I hope there are a dozen or two more. If I understand it, you were knocking these out one a month, or commenting on them once a month?
    At any rate, bravo, and keep your sails tight with the wind. Well, why not. You've done two westerns of great note [and, we are waiting for more!] how about a sea tale along the lines of Forrester's Hornblower greats?


  2. There will be something next month: something old and something new. You'll just have to wait and see!


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