Low flight over snow, on skis, at night. Beautiful!


Courtesy of Gerard Van der Leun, here’s a brief video from Red Bull that’s really lovely to watch.  I suggest you do so in full screen mode.

You can read here about how skier Valentin Delluc did it.  He seems to have an amazing talent for such things.  Here’s an earlier video, where he skis and soars through an Alpine resort.

I’ve never skied in my life, so I can’t properly appreciate the knife-edge control that must be needed to pull off stunts like that.  Amazing!

There are more videos of Mr. Delluc’s ski stunts on YouTube.



  1. That’s one skillfully crazy mf’er. I wonder how many daredevils splattered themselves on the side of the mountain before a suitable
    Energy drink plug could be filmed?

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