Mad Mike’s latest is out in hardcover

Last month I mentioned friend, author and blogger Michael Z. Williamson‘s latest book, ‘A Long Time Until Now‘.

Tomorrow, May 5th, it’ll be released in hardcover.  That in itself is a sign of how successful Mike’s becoming:  very few publishers put out hardcover editions of science fiction books, because they seldom sell enough to justify the expense.  Mike’s one of the exceptions to that rule.  (Miss D. has already ordered our hardcover copy – we’ll get Mike to autograph it at LibertyCon next month, which all of us will be attending.)

Customer reviews of the e-book edition are very good.  If you like science fiction and fantasy, particularly that based on harder scientific fact and reasoning, you’ll love this one.  I’m not just recommending it because Mike’s a friend – I’m doing so because I know Miss D. and I are going to have a lot of fun reading it.  I hope all of you will enjoy it too.


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