Making money out of stupid COVID-19 regulations


I had to laugh at a range of face masks, proudly brand-named FAKE MASKS, sold by an online vendor.  I think they’re just what we need to freak out every Karen in the vicinity – and they’re no more or less effective at preventing the transmission of COVID-19 than the real thing.

Miss D. already has something similar:  a face mask made out of large-hole purple mesh, through which her face is clearly visible.  She wears it on the few occasions when we can’t avoid shopping at an establishment that insists on customers wearing masks.  It irritates their staff, but they can’t argue – she is masked, after all!

I’m afraid we’re in for much, much more of mask hysteria from those who won’t think for themselves, and read the solid medical evidence that proves they won’t stop transmission of COVID-19 or infection by it.  Some people will just follow along like sheep . . . and that’s what the powers that be are counting on.  Condition people to behave like sheep, and they’re that much more likely to obey when their overreach goes into overdrive and they try to rule by decree and by diktat, rather than by democratic means.

I somehow doubt that most of my readers are among those who’ll be persuaded by such shenanigans.



  1. My wife crocheted a few masks as a gag for the daughter-in-law. When they were presented to her at a local restaurant, the proprietor decided she wanted one too and placed an order.

  2. In preparation of some future travel, I am in the process of making masks with sheer fabric with sequins – looks like a full mask, but I can breathe through them.

    Though I just realized have have rolls of tulle in a box that will make lovely masks…

  3. Slightly off-topic: does anyone know how8w to use the ivermectin paste to treat the 19? I'm thinking about adding it to my endtimes first aid kit.

  4. While I appreciate the sophomoric humor factor and tweaking the nose of busybody Karens, it's simply mentally retarded to claim "masks don't work". Simple face masks actually reduce outward virus transmission a mere 100,000% at 6'.

    Anyone who thought they were worn to protect the wearer from other people would put a screen door on a submarine {hint for really stupid people: do surgeons put the surgical mask on the patient in surgery, to protect the operating room staff, or wear it themselves, to protect the patient from the operating room staff? Ponder the logic carefully.}, and no one ever claimed they were there to stop all disease on the planet to a metaphysical certainty simply by the magical act of putting one on.

    Palming off such idiocy behind claims of solid medical evidence is kind of like claiming shooting people doesn't save lives, and for exactly the same reason: you're pointing it the wrong way for the test.

    This is almost as bright as taking bumpers off of cars because they don't save any cows you hit.

    Is stuff like this dumbassery a hoot? Sure.
    Is it intelligent? Not hardly.
    It's one thing to laugh at jesters, but quite another to act like a jackass oneself.

  5. Aesop,

    Please address:

    1) all the studies showing that face masks do help for large transmission droplets, but that since COVID isn't transmissible from asymptomatic patients, the masks serve no purpose for the general non-symptomatic person

    2) all the studies showing a complete lack of difference between places which have had mask mandates and places which haven't.

    Also, if you have time after that perhaps you could address the claim that facemasks as worn by surgical staff are primarily to keep the surgeon safe from blood and bodily fluids that are frequently ejected from patients on the operating table, not to keep them from getting the flu from the patient.

  6. The people who infuriate me the most are those who waste their G-d-given time on this ball of dirt arguing with the morons who have the IQ of a cabbage
    (not to insult cabbages).

  7. While Aesop can opine very authoritatively on a number of issues, he has a complete blind spot to the Chinese virus and uses his profession as a complete coverall to obfuscate common sense.

    So we have this whopper, "Simple face masks actually reduce outward virus transmission a mere 100,000% at 6'" Where in the hell did he pull this out of?

    I don't deny there is such a thing as the Chinese flu, in fact I believe I had it and it was definitely harsher than previous bouts but if you believe it's killed 100s of 1,000s while at the same time, incidences of "regular flu" have been reduced to near zero, c'mon man.

    The average age of a Chinese flu fatality is the same as the average American life expectancy. Gee, imagine that.

  8. I've seen many places specifically call these "novelty" masks and ban them …
    The rare times that I HAVE to use one, I use a lightweight organdy one that my wife made. It looks normal and technically meets the requirements.

  9. @heresolong,

    Since you asked.
    So much wrong in so little space.

    1a) So you're saying that asymptomatic patients don't cough, sneeze, or touch things?
    That they have the virus, but it's magically not reproducing in their bodies, unlike every other virus known to science because…reasons?
    That's what would have to be true for there to be no asymptomatic transmission possible.
    So much for those "studies".

    1b) Post any picture – or link to same – of any large gathering of persons. (Anything with more than 100 people will suffice.) For the class, circle the ones who are asymptomatic or COVID-free. I'll wait over here until you spot the obvious flaw.

    2) So you're arguing that laws create no difference in outcome, and no incentive for non-compliance. Kindly post the violent crime figures for cities like Chicongo, DC, NYFC, Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, etc., and explain to me that there is absolutely no difference in those stats for cities like Dallas, Phoenix, Boise, Tampa, Wilmington, or Tulsa. etc. Show all work. Explain how merely passing a law controls for 2000 other variables, rendering any such supposed "study" which ignores all 2000 of those unaddressed variables anything more than rent-seeking grant application horseh*t.
    Once again, I'll wait over here while you work that one out, until you spot the flaw in reasoning.

    If you can't tell in 20 seconds why a supposed "study" is so much crapola, you're the sucker at the poker table.

    Sorry, but there it is.

    In an actual test of outward viral transmission using actual masks, and counting actual viral load, a person coughing towards a virus counter at 6', unhindered, delivered 10³ individual viruses. (For Common Core grads, that would be 1000.)
    A person wearing a simple snot mask delivered 10° viruses. Or less.
    (For Common Core grads, that would be 1 virus. Ranging to none.)
    I linked to that test report some weeks ago on my blog. The methodology is flawless, and reproducible 24/7/365/forever, just like seeing if water freezes at 32° F. at sea level and 1 atm.

    {Tests and "studies" purporting to show ordinary masks provide no protection to the wearer is about as dumbassed as testing seatbelts to see if they provide any protection to the pedestrians you hit.
    I.e., bassackwards retardation. I can't help that 50% of science graduates came out in the bottom of the common sense bell curve, nor that their alleged peers are not much brighter.)

    Math and common sense are funny like that.
    That's a 100,000% improvement in reducing onward transmission, as stated.

    Actual science isn't hard.
    Some people's heads are.

  10. @MMinWA,

    I claimed no professional standing to make the statement I did.

    Some of us just have more common sense than others.
    And read more widely in the literature.

    For those too lazy to look it up:

    Which we covered last Spring:

    BTW, since it's apparently news to you, we've tested for common influenza side-by-side with COVID for all patients going back nearly a year and a half. In fact, at the outset, before we knew there was any COVID, nor had any test for such, we were testing for flu anyways for all viral illness presentations.

    In the last year, we saw single digits of influenza of either sub-type (like 2-4 cases, total). Versus thousands in any normal year.

    Crack a friggin' book, and tell us if it might make any sense to you that last year, people were isolated, socially distanced, masked, and slathering gallons of alcohol-based hand sanitizer and bleach wipes on everything that moved, and everything that didn't, and see if you can figure out why flu numbers in 2020-present may have gone down to nothing.

    Yet again, I'll wait over here while you take off your socks to do the math.

    I've also witnessed, treated, or heard of exactly zero hospital deaths from flu in a paltry 20 years in emergency medicine, and 25 years in nursing.
    (That's purely anecdotal, as I've only seen personally something like 30,000 patients in my career thus far, and only been in ERs that have treated maybe 1,000,000 patients in the largest metropolitan area north of Mexico City during that entire time, so it's possible that one slipped by me.)
    Meantime, I'm up to double digits for personally bagging and tagging dead COVID-positive patients for the morgue, and hefting them up into a full conex overflow freezer, who've died of hypoxia, COVID pneumonia, and respiratory failure, just in the last year.
    So I'ma go out on a limb, and opine that yes, more deaths in my state in the last year-plus than the entire US casualty tally for the Vietnam War, 1954-1975, inclusive may indicate that it's a weeee bit more serious than annual influenza, and not influenza of any type.

    Now, which of us, d'ya s'pose, is actually the one with the "blind spot"?

    Banging your shoe on the table or mining diaper spackle isn't logic; it's just a tantrum.
    Bring facts, or get back on the porch.
    And save your further ad hominems for the cracker barrel at the general store, or the brain trust at the barber shop. I can do them better than you, and I'm more entertaining.

    On the other hand, if you want to go back to talking actual data and logic, I'm the best friend you'll ever find.
    But I'm all outta patience for Covidiocy, and the Dunning-Kruger pandemic dwarfs that from Kung Flu. 1,000,000 math and science teachers should be punched in the junk for a year, with a lead glove, just for openers.

  11. For Maniac. I use Ivermectin paste to de-worm my horse. Works well, tastes awful (I hear, never tasted it and the house doesn't speak english very well). For de-worming there are a small variety of different dewormers and usual practice is to rotate the one you use so the worms don't build up a tolerance to any one particular de-wormer. How a medicine that is built to kill worms works against a virus I do not pretend to know.

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