Making an old hangar into a home

I was interested to read how a young married couple transformed part of an old aircraft hangar into a home (with offices for one of their enterprises below).  They went from this:

to this:

to this.

Having restored an old, dilapidated four-bedroom apartment in South Africa, I have some idea of how much work is involved.  The amount needed for a hangar conversion must be at least ten times more!  My hat’s off to the couple.  Those interested in home improvement will enjoy their story.



  1. Never mind "converting" the hangar into a "living space," If the airport authority would allow it, I'd live in the hangar, me and my plane, hotplate, coffee pot and shower/bath and that's it. My late wife, who was my real estate agent when I met her, told her boss,"He likes ugly houses Jerry, to him he'd rather live in a 'Airplane Hangar!!'" 'Nuff said.
    Got Gunz??,

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