1. Interesting bit of tinfoil-wiggery about the new alopecia drug. (Hey! For extra tinfoil, observe that Chrome thinks "alopecia" should be spelled "Propecia".)
    I wonder if Pfizer will borrow the "Lightning Alopecia" song from the Goon Show for an advertising jingle…?

  2. Heh. Male-variant Cinderella is not a new thing. Those stories have existed *in print* since at least mid-1800s… in folklore collections with notes on where the oral tradition was collected from, and not as single examples but as close variants in several locations, so actual origins for the oral folk story variant quite muddled but not new at the time.

    Oh well. Strabo's Greek/Egyptian variant is the oldest on *surviving* record I believe, and in that one Rhodopis is female.

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