1. A great selection Peter 🙂

    Schrödinger's broken-unbroken plates for the win.

    It matches (sadly) perfectly with the current chaos.

    Or damned if you do…..

  2. I love solving puzzles…
    Bring in an industrial spray foam and fill the room.
    Unfortunately you'd have to destroy your door but your plates won't have fallen and broken.

    Told my wife that a bazooka should be part of your golfing bag for some of those impossible shots that need some inventive solutions when your ball is too difficult to reach.
    She laughed and told me I'm nuts!

  3. I can say I've seen that Schrödinger's plate dilemma in real life. My solution was to get three more guys and we carefully laid the china hutch on it's back… opened the doors, emptied it, set it back upright and put the dishes away.

    Sometimes you have to think outside the box.

  4. When I saw saw the Citizen Disposal sign I had to look for it on Google Maps. I didn't find the sign though it may have been located in an area not on streetview. I did note that the road leading to the facility was named Mordor Drive. Coincidence? Maybe.

  5. I'd get a glass cutter and cut a hole below the plates big enough to put my hand through and push them back up. Replacing the door glass is dirt cheap compared to replacing china. Our 'china hutch' is built into the wall itself. There's no way it could ever be moved without remodeling.

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