1. I think the Mad Max handgun was a 12 gauge cut down double barrel shotgun. Thought it ridiculous, until I became a curator of military history. We had several .303 and 8mm rifles cut down in this exact configuration from WW1 in the collection. They were 'trench stores', left in the trenches by both sides upon the battalion relief. Easier to swing a 14" weapon in the trenches when most PBI had no access to handguns. The recoil must have been horribly problematic, but better than not getting off a shot at an angry Hun with a bayonet at your midsection. If the prices of 303's ever come down, I'll see if I can get the ATF to approve one just for sh*ts and giggles.

  2. Had to drag our butt's what across the lawn?
    I know, Peter, you didn't write it. You were educated better than that.
    –Tennessee Budd

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