Memes that made me laugh 52


Well, well, well . . . a full year’s worth of weeks of memes has gone by!  (It’s actually taken a bit longer than a year to put them up, thanks to a couple of weeks where I missed them, but I daresay that doesn’t matter.)

Here’s the latest week’s worth of memes gathered from around the Internet.  Click each image for a larger view.

(That’s true.  See here for the details.)

More next week.



  1. That one about holding the cat while shooting the gun is incomplete. It may well be that holding the cat 1.3 seconds is the world record, but I think the 12 hours of corrective plastic surgery after the cat is done with you needs to be counted against that.

  2. #15. Definitely #15.

    (Assuming I counted right. I've barely touched my first cup of coffee.)

    Except the wooden spoon part. That never happened for us.

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