1. Heh. Re: "If common sense was lard…"

    Heard a variation on that once: "If brains was motor oil, he couldn't lube the generator in the back end of a lightning bug…"

  2. "…over the course of 1959 threw 2001 …"
    I guess the decades have a tendency to really throw each other around ….or for a loop … or something …..

  3. Hm. Or it could be that the government murdered a total of 12 billion birds, and threw 2001 of them over the course of 1959?
    Though even 2001 bird-replacement drones seems like an awful lot for 1959, and why would the government be throwing dead birds, anyway? Or does it throw the drones, to teach them to fly?
    This is all very confusing. I need some Kentucky Fried Government Surveillance Drone.

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