1. Hey Peter,

    I can answer the Pizza meme, but I still can't understand women…First off the Pizza is round is because when they first made it it was in stone fired kilns and they used wooden paddles to rotate it around to ensure that it was cooked evenly. As far as boxes goes, it was the cheapest way to transport and protect the pizza, it is easy to build a square box to protect the pizza, whereas a round box is difficult build up in the tine needed for delivering the product and the corners provide some stiffening so there is less chance of crushing the pizza. As far as eating in wedges, it is the the preferred way to make an even distribution of the goodness, except of those heathens that like the "Chicago Cut" I figure it is just Chicago hating because Pizza is associated with New York and they have a complex or something. As far as figuring out women…Got a ouji board, abacus tablet and Dice? good luck.

  2. I'm not sure if this was a particularly good crop, or if I'm just in an especially silly mood this morning.
    Time will tell… just how silly can a day get?

  3. I must be really old because my record-player also had a 78 speed for all OLD LPs. Plus, my record-player you could stack up to ten LPs at once.

    Oh, and I don't get 90% of the women out there either, so you guys aren't alone. If you ever figure them out, let me in on it. Might be nice to fit in better…then again…maybe not.

  4. Thankyou for putting up the OSHA meme. It's over 40 yrs old. The first time I saw it was in my Dad's Farm Bureau newsletter right after the thing was proposed.

  5. Re: #3

    Comedy fail.
    That memetard got reality exactly bassackwards, and the First Rule of Comedy is that it has to be true.
    People this retarded in public is why, if you like your pandemic, you can keep your pandemic.

    But not to fear.

  6. @ Judy. Yeah, big fat 78s almost as big as LPs and they play only 1 song per side. The latest artist in my uncle`s collection was a guy named Monroe, first name Matt. And he had 45s with two songs per side! But I miss the 1960s Beatnik Jazz he listened to. It was great along with his James Bond (Sean Connery) movie themes. Sigh.

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