Memes that made me laugh 99


Gathered from around the Internet over the past week.  Click any image for a larger view.

Sadly, many of the memes floating around have become politicized, partisan, and often very rude.  They’re not funny at all.  Neither are they anything a rational person should use for any reason except to illustrate what happens when one loses a sense of balance.  I suppose, in a time of great internal political division, international unrest and open warfare, that’s not unexpected.  Still, there were some that made me chuckle, and I’ve gathered them here.

More next week.



  1. 15'0" is a low bridge!? Obviously not in the U.S. The height of most tractor trailers is 13'6". The truck I drove was 12'6". Try getting around NYC, Long Island, or the Kommiecticut shoreline where half the underpasses are 10' or less. Mostly for railroads, but the NY area parkways can be that way too. Trucks and buses are restricted, but they still find their way onto the parkways. A few years ago a tour bus full of high school kids coming back to the pickup point on Long Island took the top of the bus off. No one was killed but serious injuries.

  2. @glypto, in the US anything under 16' must be marked as a low bridge.

    As you note, must trucks are 13'6" or less, but it's not oversized until 16'

    David Lang

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