More from the Isle of Man TT

Earlier this year I posted several videos of the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race.  It’s one of the most spectacular (and most dangerous) races in the world.

This video clip (or, rather, a link to it) was sent in by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous.  He commented, “I’ve never seen the danger of this race so clearly illustrated by on-bike camera shots.”  I had to agree.  I’ve never seen it this up-close-and-personal either!  It’s worth watching in full-screen mode.

Thrills, spills and mayhem.  No wonder people keep coming back every year!



  1. Thanks for posting this, Peter. I think this is a road race in Ireland, one of the few remaining of it's kind. It certainly shares the excitement of the Island!


  2. The fore & aft camera views really add a new dimension to race watching.

    Still waiting for helmet cameras, though. Or, maybe just a lens, with the camera guts remotely mounted. The drawback to a helmet setup is the viewer wont see much side tilt, as most riders work to keep their head perpendicular to the riding surface.

    Not sure if it is just the way my computer is playing it, but it seems the video is speeded up in places.

    Wish I could still do it. Would make a heck of a vacation!

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