More on the ‘deep state’ versus President-elect Trump

Following on from my post about the subject earlier this morning, here’s a discussion between Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and independent journalist Glenn Greenwald about the nature of the conflict.  It’s very interesting.

I wonder what the next development will be?  Mr. Trump’s not known as a quitter, and I daresay the ‘deep state‘ won’t give up without more of a fight.  Who will win?



  1. Never noticed the similarity between Tucker Carlson and Bollywood action movie protagonists before. Tucker really brings it 🙂

  2. This is on a related topic, but not exactly related …

    I don't know if Borepatch actually went through the "GRIZZLY STEPPE" mystery meat IP address block list that US Big Gee's infosec people released as some ominous-sounding press release, but I went through it briefly to see if it was worth implementing.

    Blocking a mail gateway controlled by Washington State University in Puyallup, Washington, a Web server controlled by a liberal arts department at Ohio State University, and some employee's desktop at Twitter, just for starters, sounds like a "high confidence" operation to me …

    Which is why I ignored this "valuable intelligence" from US Big Gee because it's absolute rubbish.

    Right now my firewalls show AS60144 (NL), AS7922 (Comcast, US), AS22927 (Telefonica, AR), AS9829 (BSNL, IN), AS60781 (LeaseWeb, NL), AS20473 (US), and AS8048 (CANTV, VE) to be the biggest sources of penetration attempts going on at the moment.

    Aside from the Venezuela hax0rz, most of the rest I'm seeing are located in "friendly" countries.

    The volume of penetration attempts from Russia in total is one-sixth of what I'm seeing from the US alone — whatever is being done has been dialled down considerably.

    As for China, it's all of the usual suspects — AS4134 (ChinaNet backbone, CN) and AS4837 (China169 backbone, CN) make up most of it. However, even China's hax0rz dialled down their activity for a while.

    I'd like to believe that US Big Gee could produce credible intelligence for public use, but what I'm seeing instead looks like the creation of "political officers" that the new regime would do well to force into an early retirement.

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