A Museum dedicated to Bad Art?

Yes, there really is a Museum of Bad Art. The Independent reports:

With 600 pieces in its permanent collection MOBA prides itself on being “the finest bad art establishment in the world”.

MOBA Collection – “Dog

Located in Massachusetts, USA in an old basement (“conveniently beside the toilets”) of the Dedham Community Theatre, it has attracted some priceless contributions with little or no funding.

MOBA Collection – “Retch Like An Egyptian


The brainchild of a group which includes Michael Frank, currently the curator-in-chief who has a sideline as a musician and children’s entertainer (“with enviable balloon-twisting skills”), and Louise Reilly Sacco, a founding member and the Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director, MOBA has been going since they discovered a picture so bad they felt compelled to exhibit it back in 1993.

MOBA Collection – “Sunday On The Pot With George

With the help of another founding member, Marie Jackson, MOBA’s Director of Aesthetic Interpretation (“who refuses to be restrained by a lack of formal artistic training or her inability to distinguish one end of a computer keyboard from another”), and a one time Playboy photographer Tom Stankowicz, MOBA has published a book to accompany its online and physical exhibitions, also titled Museum of Bad Art: Art Too Bad to Be Ignored.

There’s more at the link. The Independent has a small gallery of the ‘worst of the worst’ from MOBA, and the Museum’s Web site has an extensive online display of its collection.

I suppose it’s generally considered an honor to have one’s work selected for exhibition in a museum . . . but if the museum in question is MOBA, does that still count as an honor? And can one decline?


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