My wife is mean to me

There are several powerboats running back and forth off the beach, towing large parasails with two or three people slung beneath them.  Sometimes they’re quite low off the water, other times they’re several hundred feet high.

Miss D. just put her foot down.  She refuses to let me stand knee-deep in the sea holding a shotgun in the ready position, while she waves a sign at the boat pilots saying “Pull!”


(For those who don’t get the reference, it’s a command from the sport of clay pigeon shooting instructing the operator to release a target from the trap.)


  1. I just read this to Sanford, who wants to stand next to you with a matching gun. I'm with Miss D, however… I'd prefer the pair of you stay out of prison!

  2. Yeah, my wife won't let me ask the grocery store if I can engage their "community room" for a Halloween evening reading of the Necronomicon in an attempt to wake the Dread Overlord Cthulhu.

    These women… so wonderful in their own way, but there's so much they won't let us do.

  3. You're thinking too small, Peter. Use a Flakvierling 38, and you can work the problem from the beach, right next to the rolling beer cart, without having to stand in salt water.

  4. I'm surprised at you! Risking dropping your nice gun in that nasty, corrosive salt water, with all that suspended sand? No wonder she said no!

  5. Unless you already spent the bucks on a stainless steel shotgun, or at least one of those nickel plated Mossbergs… At any rate, what Dirk said.


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