1. With just a little more design work, a rack to hold another car could be added so it could drive away with two cars instead of just one. Then there's the possiblity of some sort of trailer for a third, maybe even a fourth.

  2. I imagine that repo men would love it as well. I think if you had two used forklift front ends and the truck you could build it yourself.


  3. I'm thinking a STRING of double-decker trailers following. Airport clearance batch tows. Let the drivers get out or stay in, don't care.

  4. BobF is on to something there. Add a gizmo to shrink-wrap the car when it's lifted by the forks, thereby sealing the doors and windows. Leave the cars in an empty field somewhere and list them for auction in 30 days. The ones without the drivers would probably sell for more…..

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