Not entirely safe for work, but funny!

This video clip features a scantily-clad woman. Even though she’s not doing anything naughty, it may offend some viewers, so I suggest you treat the clip as Not Safe For Work, just in case. Nevertheless, it made me laugh; so here it is.

Do women really go to such extremes to get into tight jeans? I’ve never seen such goings-on (you should pardon the expression), so I don’t know. Perhaps better-informed readers could enlighten the rest of us?



  1. I used to date a girl who went through similar gyrations, although not quite as extreme, when putting on her "look at me" jeans. The only thing missing was using a pair of pliers to pull up the zipper (truth!).

    But the 'end result' was worth it…

  2. I'm delighted to realize how young she is. As we ladies age, we begin to have WC issues and these jeans could create a real problem. Until "encumbered" we are on the hunt, and as CenTexTim pointed out, the 'end result' was worth it…" Our goal is getting the pick of the litter, ergo the jeans. 🙂

  3. I can confirm, yes we have, at least once. All though the jeans didn't help with getting the pick of the litter. I used wit and charm! LOL

  4. In my late-80's youth I went on several dates with a young woman from a neighboring town. On one occasion a group of us went to her house for pizza, and when we arrived she excused herself to change. She returned looking unshapely in a way that I had never before seen her.
    We had been directed to use either the toilet facilities in the upstairs hallway or the one en-suite to her bedroom. Finding the hallway one in use, I used the other, and when passing through saw, in full view laid out on the bed, a wonder of structural engineering that I later learned was known as a "bodybriefer".
    To satisfy my curiosity as an engineer, I later found some interesting books on clothing design at the university library that indicate to me that, while the final effect may be the same as for skinny jeans, the donning and removal of appropriately sized shapewear is much less hassle for the wearer. These documents lamented that too many wearers confused smaller-sizes for firmer control, and that finding the correct size was key to looking great.
    The young woman in question was much less interested in me than I was in her, and I'm not aware that any subsequent girlfriends used such hardware.

  5. She's a little bouncy, but yeah, that's about normal. Now, when we try that with leather pants or PVC instead of cotton jeans, that's when we have to start breaking out the mineral powder or baby powder to get them to slide on, as well.

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