1. That is brutal. Whenever I ride, I regard all other road users and pedestrians as assassins on my ex-wife's payroll. I've been riding now for over fifty years, touch wood.

  2. I checked my hunch on last year's calendar. November 21st was a Monday.

    "Ride as if 90% of drivers can't see you and the other 10% are out to get you."


  3. Peter?

    The irony there is that appears to be a breakaway mounting,
    touted to minimize injuries, on that lamp standard.

  4. What Timbo said.
    I've been riding since 1970, been down a few times and had plenty of close calls. You cannot be too careful. I proceed as if I were invisible.

    Also: If you have a $20.00 head, buy a $20.00 helmet.


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