Not tacticool, but definitely tactile

Courtesy of a link at The Feral Irishman’s place, we find the tactical version of neuticles or truck nuts:  the TAC-SAC.

Apparently you’re supposed to hang this thing off a Picatinny rail beneath the handguard of your battle rifle.  If you didn’t have the balls to fight before, you will have now!

I have absolutely no idea why anybody bothered to invent so stupid an add-on to a fighting weapon, let alone manufacture or distribute it.  “Boys and their toys”, indeed!  All I can say is, if I were still in command of my unit in South Africa, and I found one of those on a rifle, its owner would be doing punishment push-ups before he could say, “But it’s not against regulations!”  He’d keep on doing them, too, until he’d learned some sense . . . or until he dropped dead.  Given the monumental lack of intelligence indicated by putting them on his rifle to start with, I’m not sure which would occur first.



  1. It's not the stupidest gun accessory I've ever seen (that "honor" goes to a CQB knife that mounted to the bottom of a magazine floorplate), but it's darn close!

  2. I know a guy that (at the direction of his platoon leader and 1SG) ordered and had anonymously delivered to their company commander – gift wrapped, mind you – a massengil douche (to wash the sand out), a full-size classroom skeleton (so he'd have a spine), and a set of bronzed bull balls (so he'd have a pair) while they were deployed to Iraq. Soo…I could see the need for a pair of tacnuts in certain, limited situations. (smirk)

    Also, I wonder if that CQB knife that mounted to the mag floor plate was the genesis of that stupid training class video that was posted a week or so ago…Or if that class was the genesis of the knife… 🙂

  3. Peter, despite your time in Tennessee, you're still not a redneck. I know a half-dozen guys who would proudly attach that accessory to their rifles.

  4. If they were smart in the unit you commanded, those would be found on the commanders rifle… with not a clue as to how they got there.

  5. The mag-mounted QCB knife is the Manly DED blade, available for various Glocks and Berettas at a low, low $325.25.

    Unfortunately they pulled the original hilarious video which has a guy repeatedly stabbing a door frame with the DED blade, muzzling himself in the process, and on top of all that missing the door frame. The new video is sadly far less amusing than the prior 🙁

    As to the TAC-SAC, I would LOVE to see one as an accessory on an EBR at some gun-grabber politician's press conference where s/he waves around the ritual object of fear. The "things that hang down" would perfectly balance the "shoulder thing that goes up."

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