Not your average dumpster disposal

A dumpster collector in Wales did a double-take at a recent load.

A waste collector got more than he bargained for when he arrived to collect a skip and found a caravan on top of it.

Driver Tyrone Covell, 43, was left thinking his colleagues had played a prank on him when he showed up to collect the overfilled bin from Newport.

Melissa Hodges, marketing manager at hire fire GD Environmental, said it was the strangest collection the company had ever seen.

“When our driver arrived to pick it up he couldn’t believe what he was seeing,” she said.

“He thought we were playing a practical joke on him and was looking around in the bushes waiting for us to jump out.

“Tyrone has worked for us for years and has seen some interesting things but never anything like this.”

Ms Hodges said the skip was booked by a male customer in Newport who asked for for a list of banned items before confirming his booking.

“They asked about what they could and couldn’t put in the skip and I sent them over the list but of course we didn’t say you can’t put a caravan in there as it’s blatantly obvious you can’t put a caravan in a skip.

“I had to call the customer and tell them we couldn’t pick it up. I think they were just trying to push their luck.

“We told them to demolish the caravan and we’d come back and pick it up so that’s what they did.

“It wasn’t a really heavy caravan but I still have no idea how they got it up there.

“It was a bit of a laugh for us and our driver.”

There’s more at the link.

Well, it is a travel trailer, after all . . . it’s just an unusual method for it to travel!


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  1. What a shame.

    I've been wanting a little trailer like that for years, and even if it needed a lot of repair work I would have gladly taken it off their hands. It looks to have been in pretty good condition, at least the outside.

    Damn damn damn…

    Maybe some people are so fortunate that they can just throw away something like this. Me? I've been trying to save for years for just a used one I could fix up.

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